Hi! I'm a Rollerblader myself and I've always wanted to have rollerblading related clothes and I believe it's not just me. You can only find Logo based clothes - boring! haha

So, I've decided to Design Aggressive Rollerblades related apparel.

The Main Goal is to support the Rollerblading Community and create the best quality products with beautiful designs. 

Enjoy! :)


Happly got featured in the


Rollerblading  Magazine

The Bladers Apparel company have jumped into the market offering some high quality products featuring some very detailed prints made with eco-friendly materials with unique designs which are proudly owned and designed by a bladie!


The apparel features some awesome blading-themed tees and gear such as their “fishbrain” design beanies and socks, to their “Roll On” and “Medusa” shirts , sweaters and hoodies, which will proudly display your love for rollerblading to the masses.

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